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Start Your Podcast in as Little as 48 Hours, Without Reading Endless Tech Tutorials, Weeping Over The Audio or Stressing About What To SaY

Always wanted to start a podcast but don’t know how to actually, you know, get started? 



The internet is full of overly technical microphone reviews, breathy videos from audio geeks on the best mixers and Bro Marketers pimping you a Step By Step Blueprint TM.



There’s only one person to help you start your podcast today by stripping back everything you need to do so that you can…


  • Launch quickly and easily with the right kit and right information and zero fluff. Whilst your competitors are still agonising over tech reviews and software, you’ll already be recorded, edited and on Apple Podcasts and Spotify and finding new ears worldwide.
  • Build a raving audience of fans and customers who love your work, buy your products and share your podcast with their friends. Sharing your message in your authentic way, standing out against the legions of beige and boring, low fat, stock photo, cooking-cutter cuddling content out in internet-land.
  • Craft a content plan that converts listeners into subscribers and subscribers into buyers. No guesswork, no scrabbling for ideas, no podcaster’s block. 
  • Position yourself as a leader in your industry or niche, confidently attracting great guests and opportunities and growing your network.

ALL without the need for a team,
a full time nanny and housekeeper,
the first clue about audio editing
soul-sapping, heart-stopping existential dread

This will be You

who am I and why should you trust me?

Jo Milmine Podcasting Unpacked

I'm Jo and I make podcasting easy for everyone

I've been podcasting since 2012, which means I'm probably due a telegram from The Queen in internet years. I started way back before there even was much online about podcasting. I went from zero listeners and zero audio experience, to being a multi-award winning, top 1% rated show with hundreds of thousands of downloads, all whilst I had two small children under my feet and moved house around the UK (and continents!) every 6-18 months.

I know what it takes to build a successful podcast from scratch even if you're short on time, knowledge and resources. After teaching people to do difficult, life-threatening stuff in both military and civilian environments for over twenty years, I'm now on a mission to help people start their podcast and share their message with the world.

Introducing Start Your Podcast

The quickest way to get from audio zero to podcasting hero with zero fluff, faff or flapping.

A start from nothing, step by step method for getting your podcast recorded, edited and launched into the world is as little as 48 hours...

Here's What You'll Learn

Copy of Copy of Copy of podcast production checklist-2

Module 1 – Planning For Success

By the end of this module, you will: 

  • Know why you are starting a podcast and have a very clear view of who your ideal listener is. 
  • Have decided what your podcast is about, what format your podcast will be, along with its frequency and length.
  •  Have crafted your Listener Promise and know how you will bring value to your audience.

Module 2 – Branding Your Pod

By the end of this module, you will: 

  • Know what your visual brand is for your podcast so you’re recognisable all over the internet. Fonts, colours and logo nailed.
  • Have developed a brand voice for your show so you always sound like you, wherever you are communicating.
  • Have your podcast artwork complete and ready to put on Apple Podcasts.

Module 3 – tech and editing 

By the end of this module, you will: 

  • Know what tech you need and what you don’t so that you don’t waste hours reading overly complex reviews.
  • Have chosen your podcast host and set up your feed
  • Be able to quickly and easily record and edit good sound without spending forever trying to make it sound professional.
  • Know the full production workflow and be able to smash through it with the help of handy SOPs and checklists.
  • Be able to record great quality interviews in person and remotely so you don’t struggle with tech faffs and can make your big name guest sound amazing.

Module 4 – launching and sharing

By the end of this module, you will: 

  • Have your very own podcast live on the actual internet, baby!
  • Have a clear content plan that turns listeners into subscribers and subscribers into sales
  • Be sharing your podcast in all the most important places online (mostly automatically) so you can reach more ears
  • Have launched your show and bagged your first listeners

Don't just take my word for it. Listen to these legends who have launched their shows (and check them out on iTunes too!)

Happy Students who are now podcasters

Jo is a podcasting genius. There is literally nothing she doesn't know. She responds quickly and explains things really clearly whether it is tech, strategy or smaller things that I just don't know. Her door is always open and she gets straight to the point that you need to know without mixing it up in fluff you don't want or need. She really understands the challenges entrepreneurs face in podcasting and simplifies it all. The Inside Out Entrepreneur Podcast would not have over 100 reviews and 160+ 5 star rankings without Jo's help.​
Starting my own podcast had been on my wish list for years, but I’d never felt brave enough to start. Before the training, I felt like podcasting was for other people. More confident people. More outgoing people. With Jo’s training videos and instructions, I felt like I’d been given a leg up into the world of podcasting and how to get started with confidence. In fact, shortly after the training I went on to launch my very own show. I even made the Apple Podcasts top 20 in entrepreneurship. Without Jo’s training giving me a kick up the backside to make me realise podcasting IS for people who usually stay behind the scenes like me, I simply would not have had the confidence to get started at all or done my little happy dance (and happy cry!) on launch day. Thank you for helping me move forward, Jo!​
Jo’s advice was invaluable when I launched my podcast. She helped advise on not only the tech and the editing but also on the overall strategy of a podcast launch. She was instrumental in the success of the launch of the Make it British Podcast, which went straight into the Top 10 UK business podcasts in its first week.
Jo’s training helped to get my podcast from idea to reality in a matter of days. Her helpful how-to videos and checklists were exactly what I needed to set myself up for success from the start. I love that she gets straight to the point and covers everything I need to know in easy to follow instructions. This is must-have training and resources if you value your time!
Jo has helped at every stage since starting my podcast in 2018 and her support has helped me grow from a beginner, to an established podcast host with four series and sponsorship from a huge charity. Her knowledge is extensive and yet easily digestible for newbies. She's approachable, and always at the other end of en email when I need her. Not only is she a podcasting genius, she's also brilliant fun to work with and I would encourage everyone dreaming of starting a podcast to seek out Jo's help.
Without Jo I wouldn't have a podcast today. She's helped and guided me through the process and encouraged me every step of the way. The tools in this programme simplify getting your podcast out there. I'm embarrassed that I had a podcast page on my website saying 'coming soon' for almost two years. Working with Jo got my podcast live within a couple of weeks. And I now have people asking to come on and be interviewed.

Ready to get Started?


You’ll have access as long as the course is running. There’s no need to rush getting through the materials if you would rather take a more scenic route! 

All the materials are delivered online through the learning portal. Each lesson contains instructional video, along with workbooks, a transcript and audio version for the lesson where appropriate. It is a self-study, self-paced program that you can access any time, anywhere you have internet.


It’s purposefully stripped back to the essential knowledge that you need to get your show launched, and no more. The training focuses on teaching the technical aspects whilst also encouraging you to make your own informed decisions for your own show. It’s not a cookie-cutter experience, just like your podcast won’t be a cookie cutter, same-same podcast. It’s possible to overthink it and never get your show live. This program is designed to avoid analysis paralysis and get your show online in as little as 48 hours. 

General questions are covered during weekly Q&A in the Podcasting Unpacked group. On checkout, you can book a session where I can personally advise you on your podcast. Other podcast launch and production services are detailed here if you would like a done-for-you service.

Honestly, it depends on what you plan to do with your launch, how big your existing audience is and which quadrant the moon is passing through in Jupiter. New and Noteworthy is not something I recommend podcasters aim for, as research done by Daniel J Lewis at My Podcast Reviews shows that it actually makes very little difference to the number of downloads you get. It’s also possible to game the system, which makes a mockery of the alleged measure of success of being featured in New and Noteworthy.

By all means, shoot for it, if you feel it is an important metric for you. I’d suggest a better use of your time would be to really focus on ways to find and reach lots of those ideal listeners when you launch. These are the ones who are going to turn into subscribers and customers, and ensure the long term growth of your show, not the Apple Podcasts algorithm.

Ready to Launch Your Podcast?

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